Bar Cantonada Estartit handicapped complaint English

Bar Cantonada Estartit Handicapped complaint l'Estartit Torroella de Montgrí English


Bar cantonada estartit salida humos exit smoke


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among others.


Maltratadora Estartit Torroella


Disabled tourists treated (much) worse than dogs.

Thanks to the politicals and authorities of this village, click here.


Bar cantonada Estartit Torroella Abuso




Summary of the underline: Discussion. The woman of Bar "La Cantonada" (click here) against the handicapped lady. She recriminates (to handicapped lady) in very bad ways. Set aside a chair with your table. Occupation of public road on sidewalk, because I needed to pass and then I would put it back in the same place. The acting patrol informed the lady that she can file a complaint / complaint with the EMD. The acting patrol (police) informed to the handicapped lady that she can put a complaint to the EMD. The acting patrol has mediated with both parts 20-25 min. Calming. The owner has consistently stated that she pays 2,000 euros for occupying the public sideway.



These are ways to treat tourists!


Where is inclusive tourism and tourism for all (click here)?


And what security is given to she?


An aggressor like this finished in the impunity!? The aggressor woman with the history she has why don't tell her anything? Can't be sanctioned?


Bar cantonada maltratadora


Then they reinforce as a reward she continuing to assault one and others.


Bar cantonada maltrato estartit


Estartit maltractar bar cantonada


What des-implication and destruction of tourism!


Don't have life rights the handicapped, poor they?


Discapacitat estartit


Should be they treat worse than a dog?


And what do you earn of report that?

If they send and report to the EMD, what do you thing they doesn't nothing? Well, the responsibility is on the top of the police, where they redirecting her (the EMD). Thus, an indirect way of attacking is to leave a sidewalk be occupied when is insufficient (more when the other side is impassable by the slope).


Pizzeria paradis restaurant estartit


Carrer victor concas pizzeria paradis estartit


Desnivell vorera estartit carrer víctor concas


Denuncia estartit victor concas voreres lliures


Humanidad Estartit


This is the way to take care and promote the tourism?


Justicia ciega Estartit Torroella Montgri


So much tolerance for such bad events should be allowed?


Do you think these tourists will come again?


Free Sidewalks Estartit Pedestrians


We think that the responsible for these problems are of the politicians and authorities that they deviated problems from other sites disobeying the laws and the ordinances.


The law serves to bring order and social peace (without laws will becomes the American's West films or the Sherwood's forests of Robin Hood).


Infringing the law brings to discomfort and social conflict. They promote discomfort, they make to fight or confront some people against others. They create new problems.


We repeat that the law serves to bring order and social peace, and not for confront some individuals against each other creating new problems.


They solve a problem by creating new problems.


Free Sidewalks Estartit Pedestrians


Click here to go to main protest siteweb.


There are very brave ones to attack weaker ones under inferior conditions. This is cowardly (click here).


The impunity existing in the Estartit makes any conflict or abuse lasting more than "the dance of the hundred thousand Sundays" (click here).


Estartit Justice Torroella Montgri





Bar cantonada estartit









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